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"Frigate" is located in the picturesque bay of the Small Sea Lake Baikal and occupy the east coast of the peninsula Ulan-Hada and Cape Burliuk. Let there always be sunshine! This is your wish will come true, if you go to the Small Sea. Here comes the rain and rarely is overcast. This is one of the few places on the planet where almost every day of the year - the sun. Small Sea - a large shallow strait that separates the mainland from the island of Olkhon. The length of the strait - 76 km, the greatest width - 17 km, the lowest - 4 km. Depth - in the western reaches 50 meters, in the eastern part of the most open - 100 meters and only at the very entrance to the open Baikal reaches 200. Buryat name Strait - Narin-Dalai, which means "narrow sea." Quaint Small Sea coastline draws a lot of small cozy bays and coves, one of which is located and recreation "Frigate". Despite the fact that a rather small shallow sea, the fish in abundance. For this reason, in the summer months water Strait warmed to 22 ° C, which is amazing for Lake Baikal, which even in the hottest month - August - the temperature rarely rises above + 15 ° C. In the Small Sea is 14 islands, each of which is worth it to pay attention to it. Island shore framed Herring Gulls - they chose this place for nesting. Small Sea - one of the unique natural conditions of the Baikal region. Dry climate, warm water in the beautiful shallow bays, wonderful neighborhood mountain taiga and steppe landscapes, awareness antiquity of this land give the impression that you are at the origins of the universe. "Baikal will give you great joy and great pleasure. It affects monumental style, the beautiful, powerful and eternal, that is incorporated in its nature. He has a remarkable property - the more moving closer to him, the deeper poznaёsh its nature, the more tempting it becomes and the more clearly understand that it is completely unique and delightfully unique. "